Custom Glass Splashbacks

We specialise in the supply and installation of:

  • Kitchen splashbacks
  • Bathroom splashbacks
  • Laundry splashbacks
  • Feature glass walls

Our glass splashbacks are custom made to suit each individual request.

Our Glass Splashbacks are:

  • Easy to clean and hygienic
  • Heat resistant as all panels at Precision are toughened glass
  • Modern, sophisticated and add a touch of elegance to any room
  • Grout free

At Precision, we pride ourselves on our prompt, reliable and friendly service and undertake to provide you with great on site professional advice and a high quality product.

More custom glass services

What is the difference between Starphire glass and Clear glass?

Starphire glass is the most optically transparent glass available; which means your colour choice has the least possible variation to the colour chosen. Clear glass has a high concentration of iron, so when the glass is painted it gives off a green tinge.

What wall or surface conditions are suitable for Glass Splashbacks?

Splashback panels can be applied to almost any surface including plasterboard, gyprock, fibre board, MDF etc. The surface must be reasonably free from protrusions eg: brick walls and nails.

What colours are available?

Almost any colour is available.

What are the prerequisites for Check Measuring?

Your Kitchen or Bathroom needs to be completely finished. That includes bench tops, power points, range hoods, taps, cabinetry, architraves, cook tops etc. This ensures a perfect fit with minimal gaps. If the Glass Splashback is going behind a range hood, the range hood needs to be removed prior to check measuring so that the hole locations and sizes can be measured accurately. The responsibility of removing/ installing range hoods is that of the customer.

How do I clean my splashback?

Regular non abrasive glass cleaning products are applicable.

Do we provide a Warranty?

Yes! 5 Years

Precision Shower Screens & Robes strives to supply the highest quality products. All products are covered under warranty. This warranty covers material & installation but does not include glass breakage or scratches.

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