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Australian Manufactured

Frameless Shower Screens

A frameless shower screen is the luxury choice for the modern bathroom, combining safety, performance and style to achieve a beautiful contemporary finish.

Precision manufactured shower screens are engineered from 10mm toughened glass with the highest quality hinges and hardware. They are easy to clean, and can be custom designed for any situation. All of our screens are manufactured and installed to meet Australian Standards.Installation of a Frameless Shower Screen will be a two part process to allow time for the silicone to cure.

If the door is to be mounted from another glass panel you will need a supporting glass ‘gusset’ on top to provide additional support. Due to allowances necessary around the door of a frameless shower screen there is the possibility of water escaping.

Precision Shower Screens Glass Shelving - Recto


300mm x 150mm
600mm x 150mm
900mm x 150mm

Precision Shower Screens Glass Shelving - Quad


150mm x 150mm
200mm x 200mm
250mm x 250mm

10mm toughened glass