Wardrobe Doors


To complete the look of your bedroom, a set of precision-manufactured wardrobe doors may be just what you’re looking for. Our wardrobe doors are designed to roll on tracks, minimising space requirements and offering versatile design possibilities.

Using acetal resin roller for smooth operation, rubber bumpers for durability and an unobtrusive bottom track, our wardrobe doors are engineered to impress. All of our wardrobe doors will surely find a place in the decor of a modern home.

Our sliding wardrobe doors are available in a variety of finishes, including mirrors, MDF, vinyl coverings and raw plaster. This allows a dynamic range of decor improvement possibilities. Quiet and easily adjustable, our doors work faultlessly for many years to come.

The door and finish that you choose will depend on the existing look of your bedroom and your budget. We can help you choose the best sliding wardrobe door for you – talk to us today!