Shower screens, splashbacks and mirrors

Here at Precision Shower Screens, we sell more than just glass for your shower. We manufacture high quality glass panels for your whole home, including splash backs and mirrors. Thanks to modern trends in home design and construction, glass has become an important construction material for more than just practical reasons. Aesthetically speaking, glass creates a distinctly modern atmosphere, promoting a sense of clarity and complementing the features of your home.

Shower screens enclose your shower, separating the shower recess from the rest of your bathroom. These can be framed, semi-frameless or fully frameless, depending on your shower’s construction and your taste in decor. Each of these have their advantages – framed shower screens are commonly used for self-contained shower units and frameless models are wonderfully easy to clean. As with all of our glass products, they are available toughened for the ultimate in durability.

Splash backs are an integral part of any kitchen, laundry or bathroom. They protect the dry wall from damage caused by contact with water. Aside from fulfilling this important practical purpose, they can also add to the decoration of your home thanks to our colour option – we can paint your splash back to suit the rest of your home.

Mirrors are great for adding a sense of space and tranquility to your home. Hung in a hallway or as part of a wardrobe door, mirrors can spice up an otherwise drab room and turn it into something a little more interesting.

Having all of these glass panel supplies in the one place means that you need not look any further for your next renovation project or the construction of your new home. We supply shower screens, splash backs and more to your exacting specifications. What’s more, our products are highly affordable and sure to find a place in your home. Talk to us today to find out more.