Kitchen Design – Splashbacks

Splashbacks are an important part of your overall kitchen design. When you design your kitchen, whether for a renovation or for a new home, there are many elements you need to consider. Floor tiles, wall tiles, window frames, stovetops and extraction hoods, benchtops, cupboard doors… the list keeps going. A glass splashback can form the focal point of your kitchen, and integrates well with virtually any design.

Glass splashbacks can be painted virtually any colour you like. This means that they can provide a bold splash of colour similar in effect to a feature wall. Warm colours tend to suggest a traditional kitchen, inviting and hearty, whereas cooler colours are ideal for a modern kitchen, implying boldness and experimental tastes. Whatever your choice, you can be sure to find a glass splashback that suits your taste. What’s more, our splash backs are made from toughened glass, making them exceptionally durable for many years to come.

Unlike tiled splash backs, glass splash backs are typically made from one continuous pane of glass. This means that there’s no grooves and grout to collect grease – cleaning a glass splashback is as easy as spray and wipe. Splashbacks are important for both above the sink and above the stove, as they prevent water and grease, respectively, from staining the plaster or other surface beneath. This functional piece of material is now made decorative with the huge range of options now available from Precision Shower Screens. Call us today to order your glass splashback!

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