Decorating Your Bathroom

Imagine this: you’ve just completed renovating your existing bathroom or building a new one. Your Precision shower screens are installed, your splashbacks are mounted behind the vanity, all seems to be in place. What more is there to do? To add a touch of life to your bathroom, you’ll need decoration. Now remember, decoration isn’t just frilly bits that stick to your walls and windows – good decoration is what makes you happy to be in a room. If you’re not aesthetically happy with your bathroom, then you’re not getting the most out of it! Decoration can be functional too – designing to decor is what informs your choices in fittings such as shower screens and splashbacks, after all.

There are two major trends in interior design – contemporary and traditional. There is, of course, huge variety on these themes – rural, ultramodern, gothic, minimalist, victorian, retro and many more. Picking one is as easing as ‘feeling out’ what comes naturally to you. Bathrooms (and indeed, houses) are often ‘joint ventures’ so compromise may also be the key!

Shelving units can be added – those made of wood are generally more suited to traditional designs, whereas those made of metal and glass are aligned with contemporary design trends. Plastic plants and frilly accessories such as covered toothbrush holders and doilies are definitely more traditional, where harsher geometric shapes contribute to a more modern feel.

Another approach is to work around your existing fittings – take your shower screens and splashbacks and see what works with them. Got a frameless shower screen? Complement it with bare glass shelves and glass soap dishes. Even a glass splashback can form part of a traditional look – choose pastel tones and accessorise to match. The possibilities are endless!