The Colour Selection Tool

Thanks to our Colour Selection Tool, it’s quick and easy to find exactly the colour that you want for your glass splashback. Glass splashbacks are especially versatile in that they can be painted and finished with virtually any colour that you can think of. They look great in any modern kitchen, and the choice of colour means that they’ll fit into virtually any decor. Your glass splashback is prepped and professionally painted here at Precision Shower Screens, so you can be sure of consistent, surefire quality.

To use the tool, simply go to the colour selector page. Drag the cursor on the colour gradient on the left or the colour wheel on the right. To change the shade of the colour, move the middle slider up and down. The swatch you have created will be displayed both in the centre of the wheel and in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Click ‘search’ and find out what paints match you colour choice the closest. Then, it’s simply a matter of requesting a certain paint when you go to order your splashback. It’s that easy!

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